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SPANISH HAM MASTER... is a registered trademark. It was founded by Jose Sol at the end  of 2010 with the idea of bringing the Jamón Culture to the UK. After more than 10 years we can proudly say that we've achieved our goals successfully. We have travelled with our Jamón around the world (USA, Russia, South Korea, Australia, and Europe) explaining and teaching how to carve Jamón Ibérico.

From the very begining Spanish Ham Master believed that the best way to sell jamón outside of Spain should be teaching the people everything about the Jamón. We believe that we have the big responsability to demonstrate that in Spain we produce one of the best culinary products in the word. 

JAMÓN IBÉRICO... is a unique product that needs to be understood. There are diffent kind of Jamón, different qualities and not all of them are the same. That is why Spanish Ham Master is focused on the principle of professionals sharing our knowledge. Helping our customers to understand everything about the Jamón
Ibérico is the main objective of our business.


ORGANIZING EVENTS...became part of our job. We think that one of the best ways to share the Jamón Culture should be through events where the people can sample this amazing product.

We have worked at some of the best events in the world always providing the right Jamón for each event. From private events at home to the most exclusive events our master carvers have always worked to a high standard and offer quality service. Discretion and confidentiality are integral to our ethos. Whilst we have catered for events with the general public, enjoying Jamón amongst family and friends, we also accommodate for global events with VIP guestlists.
We are really proud to be the first Master Ham Carver to bring the Jamón Iberico to the Royal Albert Hall of London.  We can also proudly say that we have been the first to carve Jamón Ibérico at the legendary Old Trafford stadium of Manchester United where we became official suppliers. We also are proud to have served our Jamón to the Royal family at exclusive Polo events. Spanish Ham Master is without a doubt the best partner for your event.

SUPPLIERS... We believe that our suppliers have to be part of our team, which is why we have a very close relationship with all of them. We select our Jamón from small producers to well-known brands, always trying to find the right product for our customers and guests. 

OUR TEAM... We know the responsability that we accept when we send our Ham Carvers to carve jamón. With that knowledge in mind, we handpick our team from the most skilled Ham Carvers. They will carve the Jamòn to perfection with a professional and friendly attitude.

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