Our Customers said:

"The best events with Jamón Ibérico"

Unique Experience around the Jamón Ibérico. Professionals Master Carvers for your events.

What can we do with our Jamón?

Jamón Carving Service for Events

We cover every kind of event...

Public or Private.

Jamon Events Spanish Ham Master
Online Tasting Spanish Products

Online Tasting

Let's keep our foodie life going with online tastings. 

Different platforms available.

Jamon Carving service Takeaway

Carving & Packing Jamón Service

For the general public or for restaurants.

Jamon Lecture Events Spanish Ham master
Training Chefs Jamon Business Marketing

Jamón Business Lessons

Learn everything about the Jamón Business.

Lectures & Showcooking

Let's talk to you about Jamón

and Iberian meats

Brand Promotion with Jamón Ibérico

Jamón can be a great partner for your brand.

Jamón Iberico Private Selection

Jamón Private Selections

Let us help you choose the

right Jamón for your business.

Jamon Team Building Business Marketing

Team Building

Bring your team together with Jamón.

Is your team ready to work with the knives of the Spanish Ham Master?

Luxury Trips To Spain

Luxury Trips to the Land of Jamón

Unique Experience for you, your family or your clients in Spain.

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Queens Guard Jamon Jose Sol
Iberian Pig Jamón Ibérico