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The Spanish Ham Master Channel

We had already mentioned it. We were working on a very motivating project and, finally, we start filming this week! Our Spanish Ham Master Channel comes to light and starts taking its first steps.

We are going to start with a first session of seven episodes. What a challenge! We are going to need all your support so this gets the go ahead.

Why are we setting up this channel? I could say it’s been a petition from the audience… Spanish Ham Master has travelled to many cities, to many towns and small villages in different countries passing on the Best of our culture, our Best products. We’ve made good friends all over the world and we’ve made a long list of “Jamón Lovers”, which is what gets us so excited! These Jamón Lovers send us their doubts not only about Jamón but also about knives, jamoneros, wine, jamón recipes, different products to make a typical Spanish meal… and all this has made us think about setting up this channel. It will basically provide all this information and more to our followers all over the world.

Each episode will be filmed in English, since it is the most commercial language and we will get to more people. Each episode will last between five and fifteen minutes, depending on the topic… we want them to be entertaining, part of our daily life, but also a training session to help us promote our culture and the high value of Spanish products. We are food and tradition lovers, defenders of our products and increasingly proud of representing our MARCA ESPAÑA.

We’d like to introduce new products, to teach how to enjoy them, to give our view of each of them and express our modest opinion. We’ll visit restaurants, factories, our country and we’ll learn about each product, its history!

We’ll provide training sessions about how to use a good knife, how to sharpen it, how to place the jamón in a jamonero in order to carve it properly… we’ll see the differences between different products so we can learn everything about our traditions!

We’ll continue with the support and knowledge of well-known Spanish chefs; we’ll visit the kitchens not only of Spanish restaurants but also other types of restaurants that are introducing our products in their menus. We’ll make recipes with them; we’ll fuse our gastronomy with ideas from other cuisines.

We’ll get our Jamón closer to the world of sport, to the sports nutrition, to sport events, to the motoring world… we’ll go to the races… there is a new world waiting for us and we are ready to conquer it!

That’s why we would like to ask for your help here. You can send us some ideas, requests, questions… we’d like you to experience the world of jamón with the same passion we do!!! Let’s enjoy the JAMÓN!!!

If you or your company are interested in speaking further regarding your product and/or us visiting your factory or if you believe that you could be a good sponsor for our channel, please feel free to contact us at:



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