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With the Jamón in the Suitcase!!! Korea…There we go!!

Finally, the time has come… Spanish Ham Master has been chosen once again by the company Iberko in South Korea to support and promote our culture through the Jamón. Like for the last three years, we will travel to Korea to do shows and exhibitions around the world of Jamón. Also, this year we have organised the second course of professional carving for the

Mr. Isaac Cabañas CEO of Iberko is committing to professional training as the best tool to maximise sales, channelling all his efforts to make the Koreans appreciate our product like it deserves. With an upward professional career, Mr. Cabañas is a very respected business person in the distribution and catering sector in Korea.

The jamón market in South Korea is growing up.

The jamón market in South Korea is growing up.

Once again, with a very busy agenda full of appointments, we will visit the current cutting edge places of Korea. Iberko, not only works serving the caterers in Seul, but also the rest of the country.
We will host events for the professionals to know more about the Jamón, but there will also be shows for the public in general and mostly for the Korean Jamón lovers willing to come along and enjoy a good Jamón.

We would like to thank Iberko for trusting once again in the services provided by the Spanish Ham Master, and of course, we would like to congratulate our good friend Isaac Cabañas for his amazing job promoting this great Spanish product.

Spanish Ham Master with Mr. Isaac Cabañas. CEO of Iberko

Spanish Ham Master with Mr. Isaac Cabañas. CEO of Iberko.

Very soon, we will give more information on our schedule so our Korean followers can come and visit us. Korea…. Here we come!!! Let’s enjoy the Jamón!!!