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Spanish Ham Master visited South Korea

Back home after making some new “Jamón Lovers” in South Korea, after a successful trip we’ve got the buzz and excitement to look forward and all the new projects.

Taking advantage of this trip to South Korea I have spread the “Jamón culture” and achieved to very successful events supported by the importer: Iberko, to which I will want to dedicate a post for his courage and hard work.

The first event took place in MI CASA (http://www.micasa.kr) …. A Spanish restaurant in Seoul led by Manu Manzano, a fantastic chef that trough his wonderful traditional Spanish recipes make you feel like eating at home in Spain, amazing to be in the other side of the world experiencing all those Spanish scents and tastes and all mixed with his wonderful welcome and attention that he gives to all his customers. I want to send from here to Manu and all the team the kindest regards and my most sincere congratulations for the amazing job they’re doing!!! The event was quite simple, they organised an evening around Spanish ham, attended by around 50 guests who were able to taste a fabulous Jamón Iberico de Bellota 100% pure  accompanied by fantastic Spanish wines. My mission? To carve the Jamón while chatting to guests and spreading the culture about Jamón.

The key event of the trip was organised in the Korea Foundation, TAPAS – Spanish Design for Food, it’s an exhibition that it’s going all around the world and coinciding with my visit to South Korea the Spanish Embassy in Seoul very kindly invited me to take part in the event. The attendance surpassed the 120 capacity, we had to get extra chairs and it was amazing!!! Apologies for the few people we could not accommodate. It was truly incredible and emotional to see so many people so interested in a Jamón seminar, so eager to learn and know about our culture. This kind of things truly encourages me to work so hard around the world explaining to everyone how amazing and great our products are.

It was the first time I gave a Master Class with a simultaneous translator, she was brilliant and very professional even making the attendees laugh with my Spanish jokes. It’s so much more difficult to talk to an audience with a translator and to get your message perfectly across, another reason makes me so happy of the success of the Master Class in the Korea Foundation. After my talk, audience stayed for an extra half an hour bombarding me with great questions – this really shows the huge interest in South Korea for Jamón.

Out of the agenda I had the chance to meet up with several Korean chefs and tried so many restaurants and wonderful food, I really enjoyed it as you know I’m so passionate about Food.

Another trip to South Korea it’s being prepared to carry on spreading the ham culture, and I’ll keep you updated with this, and dates for the next events. In the meantime lets enjoy the Jamón!!!.


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