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My recent visit to Houston (Texas)

I’m going to dedicate my first post in the blog of the new Spanish Ham Master page to my recent visit to the United States.

Attending to the requirements of one of our clients, last week I was carving ham in Houston, Texas.

I have to say that it was the first time I had set foot on American soil, and it’s been a great experience on a personal level, but most of all on a professional level.

It was a week-long trip, but I only carried out ham carving exhibitions over four days, for an average two hours a day, which allowed me to spend some time getting to know the city, its restaurants, shops and therefore immerse myself with the feeling that our Spanish product is produced more than 7000kms away.

If I could emphasise or summarise it with a phrase, it would be “HOW LUCKY WE EUROPEANS ARE FOR HAVING THE SPANISH HAM”.  Evidently, more the Spaniards for having the place where such a magnificent delicacy is produced, but certainly the Europeans for being able to access Jamon Serrano or a decent Jamon Iberico for a very reasonable price.

Let’s go step by step – there is no doubt that the distance increases the transport costs and the final price of the product, but add this data to the fact that there are only four or five brands and we have an explosive cocktail that only brings the Jamon Iberico to the reach of very few.

The cost of Jamon Iberico varies from a minimum of 600 dollars to limits that would enrage even the legendary Rockefeller.

The Americans love our ham but, unfortunately, it cannot be found at a reasonable price.

I don’t want to enter into controversial debate in my first post, but I have to say that, in many cases, the prices don’t justify the quality, and I have found a few unpleasant surprises with some hams that are labelled as selling something which seem to be….

… well, in a future post I will go into detail on the more complicated issues, but for today, we will stick with the phrase “HOW LUCKY WE EUROPEANS ARE FOR HAVING THE SPANISH HAM”

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  1. Goyo

    I´m very proud of you Jose!!! Congratulation for your first blog and your first trip to USA, it would be a great place to spread your knowledge of Spanish Ham.

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