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Jamón 100% Puro Ibérico de Bellota

Those who have been following me for a while know almost everything about the story of my life, at least the part that links me the most to the gastronomy and the Spanish products, and specially to the Jamón.

Making Jamón Culture

Making Jamón Culture

I have been linked to this world lot of time. The truth is, since my early days, I have been very attached to the “dehesas extremeñas” (meadow lands of Extremadura), although I haven’t been professionally involved until my now good friend Basilio Grande introduced me to it. I still remember the lunch we had in Burgos, where he explained the details of the job he was about to offer me. Oh boy, much water has flowed under the bridge since then!! I haven’t stopped learning about the trade in every opportunity I’ve had, still today I keep learning  perhaps more intensely than then, as the acquired knowledge allows you to be more receptive to new things.

As you know, this year, my good friend Florencio Sanchidrián, chose me to be part of his team as official taster of the Repsol Guide. What a responsibility, such respect to be in front of some of the best products in the market… It was an honour for me to be there and contribute with my modest opinion to each one of them, but most of all, it was a free class to carry on growing my knowledge of the Iberian product. Thank you Florencio!! You are a living legend of the Jamón and each and every moment with you is a Master Class of Jamón!!

Training Cinco Jotas

Training Cinco Jotas.

Well, after this brief introduction, I’d like to say that I have recently been appointed as the Cinco Jotas’ ambassador in the UK. It’s a big responsibility, I’ve had the opportunity to meet not only the team in Madrid and in Jabugo but also, the true star of this project in his natural habitat, the 100% Iberian pig.

After a busy week of work, I decided to take the opportunity and work in conjunction with the UK.

I travelled directly from London to Sevilla and drove to the little town of Jabugo, where the Cinco Jotas’ factory stands high, a place full of history.

I have found many differences here with respect to other brands, from the team, the facilities, the selection of the partners in the meadows, to the attention and care with what they keep the purity of the iberian breed.

Natural habitat of the Iberian pig. (Dehesa)

Natural habitat of the Iberian pig. (Dehesa)

If I tell you a bit about Maria Castro, Media and Public Relations Manager, you’ll understand the philosophy of Cinco Jotas. Maria is a biologist, enough said. You should have the opportunity of taking a walk with her thorough the meadows and listen to the passion she passes on, when she talks about the importance of the Iberian pig’s natural habitat. How she defends tooth and nail the maintenance and care of the meadows and how important this is for the Jamón Ibérico.

Cinco Jotas has facilities of 70000 m2 where they have managed to merge history tradition with the most modern systems, to produce a perfect result, the 100% Jamón puro de Bellota.

A very important fact that distinguish Cinco Jotas’ work is that they only slaughter during the Montanera period which involves 400 people working at the same time. It’s incredible the activity in the factory during this period with every staff member on point, working together in this amazing process to deliver a unique product such as the Cinco Jotas Jamón.

Each and every part of the process is important and require an exhaustive control of a professional. Slaughtering, quartering, forming, salting, washing, post-salting, drying and maturing are the parts of an amazing work that started in the meadows with an Iberian free-range pig which after a 5 year process leaves the factory to satisfy the most demanding palates in the world.

The Factory of Cinco Jotas. (Jabugo)I would like to invite you to visit the recently opened Visitors Center of Cinco Jotas, where you’d be able to see first hand what I’ve just told you. You will also enjoy a Jamón tasting with Master Severiano Sanchez, a true professional with the knife and passionate about Jamón.

 And of course, don’t stop ordering and enjoying a Cinco Jotas Jamón everywhere you go… 100% Jamón!

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