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Spanish Ham Experience Visit London

Over two days, two sessions of training and tasting of Ham and Manzanilla
have taken place at the H10 Hotel in London, Waterloo.

Coinciding with the WATERLOO QUARTER FOOD FESTIVAL, Jorge Gil de Gómez,Director of the Hotel H10 London Waterloo has wanted to bring the culture of ham even closer to his Hotel, organizing two Master Classes aimed at all the ham-loving public.

Spanish Ham Master, with the collaboration of Jose Fine Wines Ltd, designed a fun and very attractive format, to offer the public something new and different. Each event lasted approximately two hours. Firstly, there was a theory session presented by Jose Sol, Manager of Spanish Ham Master, where the attendees got to know first-hand the types of ham according to the breed of pig, its feed and the curing time.

Secondly, and presented by Juan Manuel Gómez Manager of Joseph Fine Wines Ltd, there was a tasting session, which involved the pairing of three hams with three selected wines.

David Ovejo, Head Chef of the Hotel, was responsible for carving the hams and plating them, displaying his professionalism and know-how in the art of knives. We started with Jamón Serrano and a Manzanilla “Bota de Oro” wine, continued with a Jamón Ibérico de Cebo of D.O. Guijuelo, paired with Manzanilla wine ‘En Rama’ Esencia de la Andana and, finally, finished with an Jamón ibérico de Bellota D.O. Guijuelo, accompanied by the superb “Orange Tree” wine.

After the talk and tasting, the bravest were able to carve ham themselves, guided by the expert hands of Jose Sol and David Ovejo. Spanish Ham Experience will have its next exhibition and tasting in Edinburgh very soon.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the H10 Hotel at London Waterloo, which prepares new carving sessions for September, including courses for professionals and individuals, as well as gastronomical fairs specifically for Spanish ham.


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