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Say…”I DO” with JAMÓN

Once more, I’d like to dedicate a Post to our Jamón… but in this case the role of jamón at weddings.

I’ve said it so many times… Jamón is the best ambassador of our gastronomy, and it’s actually true. When thinking about Spanish food, we think about Jamón. There can always be jamón in any Spanish recipe.

But today I’d like to write about the Jamón that it’s renown worldwide, the Jamón that is nowadays at the best events, the Jamón that has got a special place at the best international restaurants.

People do not talk about “Spanish Ham” anymore. The question “is this Parma Ham?” is increasingly falling into disuse. The word “Jamón”, difficult to pronounce for some speakers of other languages, is getting more and more popular. Some people even talk about “Jamón Ibérico”, which makes me feel very proud.

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your lives, given we’ve chosen the right partner and providing marriage does not become a tragedy afterwards… But, anyway, those are comments that can be found in other kinds of blogs. This is not our business!

Let’s focus on that big day… it’s probably the most important social event of your life. You’ll organize other events but not as “social” and big in numbers as your wedding.

Let’s be honest. On our wedding day, we’d like our guests to value our creativity and our capacity to organize a big party. We must choose everything and pay special attention to every single detail, and this is where our beloved jamón comes in.

Have you ever thought about the difference between the typical reception with canapés, what everyone does, and the real meaning of an excellent reception with a Ham Master carving jamón in front of your guests?

I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to attend a wedding with a Ham Master at the reception… the difference is just incredible!

I’m organizing a surprise for all the Spanish Ham Master followers; a surprise that will allow me to help you understand what I’m talking about.

A wedding in Spain with a Ham Master makes it an excellent wedding. Imagine a wedding in the UK with a Ham Master at your wedding reception. Your guests will be amazed!

The Ham Master starts doing his job on his own. No one pays attention to him. People look at him not sure about what he’s doing… But as the reception goes on, we notice how the art of carving Jamón and, of course, its delicious taste and texture become the absolute winners of the event.

English people are food lovers. They are curious about new products and they like trying everything. We all know that once you try Jamón, you will love it forever. It’s really weird to find a person who doesn’t like it. Actually, some of the so-called “Vegetarians” eat Jamón, as it comes from free-range pigs that have been eating grass and acorn all day… J Great reasoning! We welcome all these Vegetarians and name them the Jamón Lovers of the year!!!

Anecdotes apart! I’d like to highlight what was mentioned at the beginning…

Including the best Jamón Ibérico in the best English weddings is easy! Let’s forget about the unforgettable feeling of originality and luxury that Jamón transmits to wedding guests. Let’s talk about numbers! If we think about its cost, we are not talking about a lot of money. Its cost per guest is nothing if you think about all that it will mean to the event. We are talking about one or two pounds more per guest and the success of the event will be guaranteed. Your wedding will be remembered for its elegance and originality.

That’s why I encourage you to celebrate your marriage with Jamón!

You can talk to the caterers and tell them that you’d like to include jamón at your wedding. Spanish Ham Master works with most caterers and wedding planners!!! This is a real chance to surprise your guests, with the best Jamón Ibérico.

Let´s enjoy de jamón!!


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