About Our Company

Trained specialist in the traditional carving and serving of Bellota and other fine quality Spanish hams. A touch of class and distinction for all your social events

Spanish Ham Master is based in Hampshire but operate throughout the UK.

Cured Ham / Jamón has become an emblematic food of reference of world gastronomy which is valued and appreciated by the top prestigious food critics across five continents.
In Spain, it is seen as a combination of culture, quality and tradition. It is valued for its quality and unique taste, and it has become an exclusive and successful gift used by our leaders and businessmen and it is most celebrated amongst high-ranking foreign dignitaries.

Spanish Ham Master Philosophy
Close your eyes…dream… feel…enjoy…
For those of you who know how to appreciate luxury…for those of you who can feel the difference…


“Our company started in 2010, we have been the honor to attend multiple customers, trying always give the best quality and service.”
Jose Sol, Spanish Ham Master

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